Joe Winfield
Joe Winfield
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about joeJoe is a fearless painter. He paints fast, with joy, gesture, and a palpable celebration of life. His colors are bold. Joe has been called a Neo Fauvist. Joe's focus is color and creative expression; he is not concerned with accurate representation. His work has shown and sold in Dallas and San Francisco, and in the Texas Hill Country.

Joe grew up on a ranch in Oklahoma, and his daily chores were rough and tough and Cowboy. Joe left the ranch literally and figuratively by becoming an artist. But his route to art was long and circuitous. He was a missile base construction worker, a prison system drug researcher, a Navy JAG Officer, and Lawyer. After lawyering for too many years, Joe felt the call to paint was unavoidable. He retired early from Law, and started painting.

While painting in San Miguel de Allende Mexico he met his Muse, and married her a year later. In 2007 they moved from San Francisco to Texas.

Now Joe has returned to the ranch, at least symbolically. He lives on a beautiful small ranch that he calls the Art Farm, in the Texas Hill Country. Joe rides his horses, and paints in the company of his Muse, and their 6 studio dogs.